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The 30 Day MBA Series

A while ago we reviewed Colin Barrow’s book The 30 Day MBA. Here we review the new and improved 2nd Edition 

together with three new titles in series.

About Colin Barrow:

Colin Barrow has had a varied and interesting career starting in the Army or his ‘family business’ as he calls it. He then starts a career in sales, but soon discovers that he has little visibility to the real business challenges that his employer faces and quickly becomes disillusioned when a business case he presents to his boss is rejected by the board for reasons he cannot fathom. It is a few months later when he finds out the real reason why his business case was rejected and it is then that he realises that he, along with most employees, had a very limited awareness of the bigger picture. It is this event that spurred Colin to leave and study for an MBA, which was later followed by a varied and successful career working all around the globe.

The great thing about Colin’s books is that he clearly remembers what it was like to be that employee with a limited understanding of his employer’s business and as such these books are packed full of practical examples and solutions that really help the reader to understand what is a complex subject matter.

These books are a must read for any MBA student, prospective MBA student or in fact anybody with the ambition of becoming a future business leader!


The 30 Day MBA 2nd Edition

The 30 Day MBA is well organized and intuitively structured, with 13 core disciplines covered:

  • Accounting
  • Business History
  • Business Law
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Personal Development
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
  • Strategy

A couple of things that stand out with these core disciplines is that business history is covered and there is also a substantial amount of time given to sales within the marketing section, two subjects that are often glaring omissions from MBA curriculums!

The book is packed full of case studies to help readers understand complex business scenarios and the links to business information resources would benefit even the most experienced managers!


The 30 Day MBA in Marketing

Once again this book is conveniently organized into core disciplines and explains the key tools and concepts needed to asses a wide range of business situations. The book intend to help readers in the following ways:

  • Find and analyse market data
  • Eliminate marketing knowledge gaps
  • Give your business and its product or services a real competitive advantage
  • Revise for marketing-focussed exams
  • Access hundreds of free marketing tools and resources

Even the most experienced marketeer could learn a few tricks from this fantastic book!


The 30 Day MBA in International Business

At Global MBA Report we have often discussed the rise of emerging economies such as India and with mega brands like Google, Microsoft, McDonalds, Apple, HSBC etc all being truly global, and the main recruiters of MBA graduates, it is essential for the modern business leader to have a firm grasp of international business.

The book contains many of the same core disciplines from The 30 Day MBA but in an international context and with the addition of ‘Selecting and maintaining global partners’, which overs mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, selecting local partners, negotiating alliances, exercising managerial control, reporting procedures and systems.

A really useful book for anybody who plans to be a global business leader of the future!


The 30 Day MBA in Business Finance

This book takes a deeper dive into the world of business finance and covers the following core disciplines:

  • The fundamentals of business finance
    • Business reports
    • The rules
    • Analysing financial reports (really useful!)
    • The role of finance in creating value
  • Corporate capital structures
    • The role of business structures in financing businesses
    • Debt finance
    • Asset financing
    • Working capital funding
    • Equity
    • Mezzanine finance
  • Financial strategies and specialist topics
    • Risk management
    • Business tax and reporting
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Business plans and budgets
More than ever with this book the case studies and examples really help the reader to understand the often dry and complex world of business finance. After 30 days with this book you will certainly feel more able to converse with, and possibly challenge, your Finance Director!

All in all a great set of books and reasonably priced too.